IWC Health Surveillance

Ian Williams Carpentry is currently the leading company in construction undertaking a Health Surveillance programme for all employees and operatives, ensuring we as employers fulfil our legal duty to provide health protection in the workforce. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are ideally placed in the economy to provide occupational health surveillance and advice for their employees and The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that 2,000,000 people in Britain suffer from an illness resulting, or made worse by the working environment and Ill health can have a significant impact on the productivity of a business. The annual economic cost of ill-health due to working days lost in Britain is estimated to be over £100 billion. In 2007 The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) estimated that 172 million working days were lost due to absence, costing employers and the economy a staggering £13.2 billion, in considering these statistics and given that SMEs are an essential source of employment it is crucial that we as a company engage in occupational health surveillance programmes.


Our Health surveillance programme involves putting in place systematic, regular and appropriate procedures to detect early signs of work-related ill health among employees exposed to certain occupational health risks.


The Health surveillance programme provides us as a company with information which enables us to protect employees from illness caused by being exposed to health risks at work and in turn enabling the company to manage these risks effectively and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.


Health surveillance is imperative in assessing that the control measures implemented following risk assessments are working effectively and assists in pinpointing where further intervention may be needed.


Ian Williams Carpentry has a fully qualified nurse qualified in both Occupational Health and NEBOSH to undertake all assessments and screening and all process undertaken are founded upon comprehensive studies that have been conducted through research.


The screening process involves:


• Hearing tests to monitor noise induced hearing loss
• Respiratory tests to determine lung function from Dust Exposure
• Skin Assessments
• Monitoring and assessment processes to identify risks from Hand Arm Vibration






Health surveilance in small & medium enterprises, Click here to download the IWC Health Surveillance Poster.